Wilderness Survival Basics – Learn How To Survive in a Natural Disaster

How well there’s just simply a lot unknowns out here in the woods, although this would seem like a scary place out in the woods. at all natural disasters can highlight the best in people it can also bring out the worst. is actually going to be on the safest places you can be, and now I’m very a frightened and very scared worry I don’t know what we’re gonna do out here.

In most situations 10 things you want to do is find a safe place. watching hurricane on television is incredibly different then having on go through the city where you live. if this happened to you would you be prepared. the people simply pain it, because they don’t know how to take care them sales. Most people really don’t have an idea about what they would need to actually survive a disaster.

What I want to do, is help people so that you’re not the Panama and others. but you’re more self-reliant, if you can come out here to the wilderness you’re going to be away from all the people they’re gonna be to appealing for the same food, the same water, the same heat. that you are searching out, the thing that we wanted to do. in this video that we feel is different than everybody else is there we’re not here to promote me. we’re not here to make sure that you think then I’m the greatest a route one structure in the world. what we’re here to help people.
I want to help you. I wanted to help my family, that’s what got me started teaching nail enough taken those skills so that I can start helping you teach you and your family.