White Risk Natural Disaster

The Kola Peninsula within the Arctic Circle is Russia’s northernmost point, a group of sportsman ski in the mountains has been hit by an avalanche. Rescuers have the karos regional rescue services receive a request for assistance, they do not know how long it will take them to reach the scene a lot depends on distance the terrain and weather conditions.

They have vivid memories of what happened to a group of skiers from saint petersburg a few years ago.,Yan Yukhevich is one of those who know all too well all the full force of an avalanche feels like. “As I approach the edge to get ready for the scent. I was knocked over with such force, my gloves and had in shot off and everything became unfastened.

I sensed I was tumbling down at top speed with an enormous massive something pressing on me, It was like being under a stamping press accounts a hole on all that lasted you, I was told the Avalanche was on the move for only 4,5 seconds. But to me it seemed like an eternity,” said Yan Yukhevich. In normal blocks of snow and ice reduce everything in their path to smithereens, they sweep away trees and destroy buildings.

“At one point I felt as if I was literally bending over backwards. The stress on my spine was so great, I thought my back would be broken. Then my head was out in the snow. I think my lungs was filled up with snow and eyestrain to cough it up, I remember feeling afterwards that my chest had become lighter,” Yan added.

Yan was dug up by a companion who had not been caught up in the Avalanche, rescuers found three more men buried under the snow they were dead. Quite often it takes several days to find victims buried in an avalanche for me too long proves, I used to take into the snow. This is the only method to find a free rider unless he has a radio become on, when the probe hit something soft it is clear that is a victim.

The sound produced by the probe in that case is also helpful, so we begin digging right there and then Feliks Ivashov is a doctor with the local rescue team. He always joins the team on duty when they go to help avalanche victims, his eight kilogram kit contains all the necessary equipment on site reanimation though in practice he rarely needs it.

“According to statistics if victims are stuck in an avalanche for 15 minutes their chances of survival a fifty-percent, any longer and there is a sharp drop in the chances of survival, we have not recovered a buried survivor from an avalanche around here in the past 10 years,” said Feliks.
Intense preparations for the winter olympics have cut the number of virgin slopes in the vicinity of Sochi label for freeriding, the resort’s rescuers will be hard put to recall the last time be dealt with avalanche related incidents.

And Tenants to counter the snow on the mountain slopes, they are the visible part of what is otherwise covered with snow, these is are automatic weather stations days is continuously supplied to an online computer of the resort’s avalanche control service. Shavkat Muratov “The station measures snow depth and temperature, humidity, wind characteristics, solar radiation and atmospheric pressure this and more allows to forecast avalanches,” said Shavkat Muratov.

This are looking types of mountaintops apart at the resort’s avalanche safety system they are linked to so cold shelters foods containing gas cylinders with oxygen propane, for shelter oxygen and propane is fed to an anti avalanche come through special pipes, and operators sets of the gas mixture by pressing a button. In the old days all resorts use guns or mortars to find avalanches, they would be brought to a slope and find at a designated target. Nowadays, they are gradually falling into disuse.

We have resolve the problem by taking on purely ecological systems used elsewhere in the world they do not damage the ground to either in summer or in winter, they simply remove the snow whenever we want to get relevant,” said Leonid Andreev.

A computer at the avalanche control service receive signals from automatic weather stations 24 hours a day irrespective weather conditions, the figures are then analyzed. If necessary the operator uses the same computer to set a small avalanche in motion, which cannot do any harm. As we say, any sleep compose an avalanche hazard Avalanches maker even in the most unlikely places,” Andrew Perumov.

Palace skiing enthusiasts take every possible precaution but they can never be fully guaranteed against being called an avalanche, when you get on the fresh snow it is already under stress be make things worse by adding your way to it. On top of that you cutting the snow in your skis and all lack combined myself an avalanche, normally the guide will do the job himself of testing the snow and if sent is the possibility of an avalanche.

He might deliberately force the snow to get moving if you cut into the snow in front to be that does not mean it will not snap behind the is true the first break up front, but it will crack behind you to you no matter whether you have done the cutting or somebody else has done it for you,” Andrew scientists in saint petersburg research the peculiarities in the mountains ice and snow.

Their results are surprising as it turns out an ice rupture generates a radio wave the can be located. “The most interesting thing about it, is that radio frequency emissions take place shortly before by sharin. This means it possible to forecast as well as record I Sheree’s. This can be done, if only for a short time before just an hour or so,” said Nikolay Grigarov.

Experiments with snow by the scientists have also demonstrated that during its slide an avalanche to emits radio waves, Radio, emissions generated by small snow crystals rubbing against what another, here is evidence pointing to the existence and radio frequency radiation even in the visible range.

People seeing light coming from nighttime avalanches,” Nikolay added for the time being it is possible to forecast avalanches only a few seconds ahead special radio receivers a used for the purpose.