LA’s Killer Quake : Los Angeles struck by earthquake – Mega Disasters Documentary

The Los Angeles, on the surface it is beautiful, glamorous, exciting, the trendsetting entertainment capital of the world. But miles be long a real-life disaster movie is in the making, for LA rests on a geological time bomb. It is no secret that Los Angeles has earthquakes but the big one has yet to hit. And when it does it could hit very hard. A catastrophe that could kill thousands and cost untold billions and destruction. LA’s killer quake, on mega disasters.

Los Angeles is the biggest city in California and the second largest in America. It is beautiful weather and features and strong economy have attracted 13 million people to make the metro area their home. But seismologists believe the city is in jeopardy, it could experience a catastrophic 7.5 magnitude earthquake. Not from the infamous San Andreas Fault, but the more recently identified Quentin Harris popped. That means the birth quick with ripple across the city for as much as 45 seconds. Causing massive destruction, by the time his old the death toll could reach into the thousands. This chilling scenario seems unimaginable. But major earthquakes have struck the region several times in the past.

Experts believe it LA residents are living on borrowed time. The Golden State’s Templars come in all sizes said happen all the time. Hard to imagine but California has some 37,000 earthquakes every year. About 100 per day, most of them are under magnitude four to minor to feel. But no matter what the size the all strike without warning. Earthquakes occurring California, because beneath the surface of this beautiful state our faults. These consist of tectonic plates continually pushing against each other creating stretch. Eventually that stretch has to be relieved, and when that happens the release of energy and movement is an earthquake. A century ago the very first California city to experience a major point was San Francisco.

In 1906 the San Andreas Fault unknown at the time. Literally split the earth opened and destroy the city, since that time a chaotic and unpredictable sequencer deadly shaker has fallen. But as time separates us from the last quake fears, subside and the sense of complacency consent in. A feeling that maybe the worst is behind us, Seismologist do not consider. The Northridge quakes have 94 as the big one. Nonetheless it is the worst Los Angeles has suffered thus far. On January 17, 1994, at 4:30 a.m. residents were all went into a terrible and powerful rumbling. The quake centered near Northridge northwest of downtown Los Angeles has a moderate magnitude of 6.7. But the ground velocity, the speed at which a point on the ground move during the shaking was, the highest ever instrumental in recorded, in an urban area in North America.

The actual quake lasted about seven seconds, with ground shaking about twice that long. In that relatively short period of time, the temblor devastated entire neighborhoods. But it is path of destruction seemed, to hopscotch across the city. About 10 miles north of the epicenter in the earliest moment to the disaster, a portion of the interchange on the high fives and Route 14 collapsed. People on the road at the time did not realize at first that a serious quake in occurred. A motorcycle policeman named Clarence Wean Dean, had no idea of the parent he faced as he headed to his division for assignment in the damaged area. But power was out, and the road was dark. Dean was killed when he drove his bike off the freeway into a deadly advance.