Killer Tornado Devastates Greensburg, Kansas

For the people Greensburg Kansas devastation is an understatement. Dean Gamble a retired school teacher and wheat farmer couldn’t believe his eyes when he emerged from his cellar last Friday night. The 76-year-old had recently moved into a new home on the north side of town. Last weekend’s killer tornado through, his roof clear across brains Burke his trucks were crushed by pine trees and most his valuables are gone. When market to market cut up with gamble days after the ef5 tornado ravaged every building in town he was still picking, up the pieces. Finding a few personal items were keeping. Gambles home fared better than most structures. Some houses are nothing more than concrete slabs. Basements filled shattered, furniture small cars and farm trucks crushed. Thrown 102 yards away by a tornado, larger in the entire town, nothing in Greensburg was spared from the tornado. A large John Deere dealership on the western edge of town was decimated. Combines dumped into a water-filled ditch is others destroyed by flying limbs and pieces nearby homes.

The dealership estimates dozens of combines, were destroyed totaling millions of dollars in losses. A fraction of the estimated cost to rebuild the entire rural Kansas town from the ground up, hours after the storm aid began pouring into Greensboro. Local, state and federal authorities were a constant site nearly every section of town. The US military has already begun in a process here. One expected to last month’s. Military helicopter circled with the town’s last and unstructured. The local grain or but even this building will be torn down. But officials discover substantial structural damage, with many in the media focusing on Greensburg. Market to market chose to follow the tornado’s path north, as it ravaged farms, crops and other rural communities, throughout central Kansas, in Ellenwood northeast Greensboro. The devastation all songs clear rural churches were decapitated by the storms. And power lines, were still down four days later.

John Menzer storm was swept away by the tornado. Every out building has disappeared, after high winds toward the Barnes and single garage in the pieces. Scattering the debris across nearby farms, neighbors have already combine to help. Offering bulldozers and moving equipment. Mentor who works for a local cooperative said his home was left standing. That will have to be torn down soon. Mentors 20 head of cattle somehow made it through the storm intact. But others were not so lucky. Stories throughout central Kansas reported farmers finding dead livestock. From other countries on their farms, even rural residence outside the tornado’s path. Word spared from the torrential rains that dumb 14 inches up heavy precipitation, swelling local rivers over their banks. The new by our Kansas River was at its highest level in history. As the waters close highways and plug crop fields.

Keith Miller farms over 8,000 acres of wheat corn and alfalfa in central Kansas. Substantial numbers fields are underwater, and probably will be for weeks. East a villain word near lines Kansas, a group of wheat farmers took stock up a crop has already suffered in Easter freeze. And now faces considerable flooding. The farmers led market to market on a tour wheat fields blasted by the springs late freeze. And other fields recently under six feet of water. Wheat farmers in central Kansas did not attempt to estimate the total losses for the region. But they are outlook is grim, as some pills may take weeks to dry out. Back in Greensburg many residents want to rebuild, while others just hope to move on. Dean Gamble is not ready to make that decision. While residents come to grips with the worst tornado disaster in nearly a decade, the devastation is all too clear. Hundreds of arms 2 lives and one small town still picking up the pieces what’s left.