Jamie Lee Curtis: Preparing Your Family for Natural Disasters

We have seen her in hit movies like True Lies and A Fish Called Wanda. And now the famous actress and longtime supporter for the American Red Cross is here with an important information that will likely have us making sure that we are ready for the next emergency or disaster. Joining us live, from Los Angeles is Jamie Lee Curtis. Welcome to the show. “Thank you so much, I am happy to be here in the estrogen posse,” Jamie Lee Curtis says. I love it the life time reference yet we are the estrogen posse. It is great to have you here now. Apparently a lot of us are not prepared in case of an emergency I hear. Aretha Red Cross survey found that 51 percent of Americans, have experienced at least one emergency situation but only about 12 percent American’s are reasonably prepared for disaster as recommended by the red cross to the ambassador for the Red Cross. You are here with some tips to help with our right Jamie?

“Most people are not as prepared we sit at home across our fingers and hope that something bad is going to happen to us our family. And of course things happen,” Jamie say’s. Now an emergency situation what does the Red Cross actually recommends that people do? “The key thing that the Red Cross suggests. They you create a kit in a plan. Family plan for an emergency indicate to help you survived the emergencies,” Jamie say’s.

Okay, so we have a kit what items do we need to put in it? “Most important is water the Red Cross and just you have a gallon of water per person per day. And at least a week up water that is a lot of water most people do not have it. You want a really good first-aid kit because; if there are minor injuries you want to be able to take care of those. So that you don’t have to tax the hospital’s because they’re dealing with the bigger injuries. Of course you want food, granola bars, juice, for your children, for yourselves. You want to make sure you have something to eat, very important a radio. I like a hand-crank radio that does not use batteries. Because that way if the batteries go out, you can still use it, you want to be able to stay informed. Flashlights very important, medicines, prescriptions, have a week’s worth in your backpack, that is ready to go, glasses and contact lenses also very important,” Jamie say’s.

But you probably need to have an emergency plan to your house holding the plan? “The Now plan is an evacuation plan in your home or a family plan and what we are going to do in an emergency,” Jamie added. We have all heard predictions about the h1n1 or what people call the swine flu. Becoming more prevalent this fall, so can you give us some tips on what people can do to avoid getting sick in these situations? “You know I am not here to tell you how to avoid getting sick.

I mean obviously washing our hands, we all hot soapy water, long time hand soapy water, very important. And you know obviously trying to stay away from people with h1n1 is crucial. The reason that Red Cross is getting involved this. If you have it or someone in your family has it. You need to isolate for maybe two weeks, so you want to make sure you have food and water and medicines and you know stuff to entertain kids. All at your home,” Jamie say’s.

Again that’s great advice. Thank you so much for being here today, we certainly appreciate that. Thank you for having me.
Now if you want more information on getting everything that you need for your family in case of an emergency. Again just go for the RedCross.org/domore.