Hunt For The Super Twister

It is early May and an ugly storm is bearing down on Oklahoma City. In times like these people turn to their TV weather forecasters. Especially local legend Gary England, from the control room Gary watches in horror as the heavy roiling atmosphere hooks up with deadly surprise. This is not just any tornado it is one of the most violent and destructive forces of nature. A super twister, the date was May 3rd, 1999. And one of the most powerful tornadoes on record admitted directed in the suburbs Bridge Creek, and more Oklahoma. Eight thousands homes destroyed, one billion dollars of damage, forty dead. This is what happens when a column up spinning air blows faster than 300 miles an hour.

Most tornadoes strike the American heartland, but no place is safe. In 2002 a super twister struck Maryland just south of Washington DC. For decades storm chasers have been stalking the Super twister. Trying to unlock it deadly secrets, now arm with this new high-tech gadgetry scientists are probing deeper than ever before. And creating their own tornadoes, inside a computer. Will they finally win the battle against one of most natures terrifying killers? Hunt for the super twister right now a nova