Financially Preparing for Natural Disaster

Natural disasters can happen anytime, anywhere in the country. Floods, earthquakes you need it can happen anytime. So you have got to be prepared, and we always hear that you should have food and water and batteries on hand. But how do you avoid having a natural disaster, turn into a financial disaster. Here is how. The first thing you want to do is make sure that you have a fireproof, waterproof safe on hand. You can pick up something like this at any office supply store or big-box store and they are very reasonably priced. In here what you want to have is what has an emergency grab-and-go file. Something like this should you have time, you can get it out of the safe and take it with you. But if you cannot get it out. Before the disaster or when the disasters, happening you can certainly come back and make sure these documents are safe and secure within reason.

So in your fireproof, waterproof safe what you want to have is a grab n go file that should a disaster be happening and you have an opportunity. You can simply grab one file that has everything in it but should you not be able to get it during the natural disaster you can certainly come back and it should be intact within reason. In your grab and go file what you are going to have is some cash, roughly 100 dollars to start and make sure you have small denominations. Because ATM machines and credit card machines, are not going to be working. And people most likely will not be able to may change, so then poured have and of cash.

Second thing you want to have as your identification, passports, state driver’s license, birth certificates, they all work. It is also a good idea for travel in circumstances like this. That you scan those items and email them to yourself so there off-site and secure should something happen to your file or to your Firebox. It is extremely important to have a photocopy your advanced, health care, directive and medical power attorney in this file folder. As well as scanning a copy and emailing it to the person making your medical decisions in advance. You also want to make sure you have some key contact information. Names and addresses a family, friend’s, insurance, companies and also a copy of your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance is also helpful.

One of the most difficult things, dealing with a natural disaster is inventorying and submitting claims the insurance companies. And this is where preparing in advance with something as simple as modern technology cell phone that has a camera and a video camera, can really save the day. Just walk to your house, take pictures at everything all of your furniture, inside your closets, go out to the backyard do the same thing there and make sure you get your garage. Email yourself those photos so that story just off-site or videotape it and upload it is something like YouTube. You just want to make sure that if you do YouTube that you mark that video private.

When you are doing this preparation, it is also a great time to really look at your homeowner’s insurance policy or your renter’s insurance policy. And make sure you know what the deductibles are, most people when they think of their emergency cash, reserves, and savings, account that is really four if they lose their job or just have money on hand. But we really want to make sure that should a natural disaster happen. We have access to living expenses. Because if you have to submit claims and it is going to take a while you are going to need money to live on. And if you are displaced grab a receipt envelope and make sure you are tracking all your expenses, so when it comes time to submit a claim to your insurance company. You have all your receipts and you can get what money is do you.

What are the most important things, you can have on hand in a natural disaster is some way to charge small appliances like a cell phone or tablet. And one of these inverters they can pick up just about anywhere it is perfect. You can plug this into the cigarette lighter at your car, and you can see you can charge just about anything and there is even a USB port. Make sure he stay connected with your friends, family, loved ones and even your bank.