How Earthquakes Work

When we least expect it when we are least prepared, disaster can strike and few disasters are as unsettling as an earthquake, “My guess is that earthquakes are really so scary because you do not have any warning. It is the only thing besides a nuclear war, that can really one second you are living in a big beautiful city and 10 seconds later it is flat,” said Dr. Allan Lindh.

Every day the earth shaken by hundreds of small earthquakes. Most go unnoticed, the usually occur along the boundaries that have been plates that cover the earth like an eggshell. Driven by the heat, deep within the earth score. The plates grind against to each other on long lines called faults, when the plates mind emotion blocked stressed buildup.

Finally the faults gives way the released energy races through the earth on the form of seismic waves, For much of the world the move in a place like these is also in indispensable creative force. “We did not have earthquakes if we did not have this great low heat from the interior the earth the earth would be a cold dead place.

If it was not for this great flow heat there would be no continents, no oceans, no atmospheres the earth would be is dead and dry and cold as the moon. Was really the earthquakes create the topography the valleys, the mountains,” said Dr. Allan Lindh. Earthquakes have been shape in landscapes for eons, it is only in the last few hundred years that civilization has gotten in the way and when it does.