2012: Year of the Natural Disaster

And does it seem to you like we’re seeing more and more, this was two months still to go. 2012 is shaping up as the year the natural disaster and North America is burying the brunt. from heat waves to droughts to tornadoes and hurricanes and now this the superstorm sandy hurricane wrapped in a north easter is a climate change that is causing this or is that simple. whatever it is the people who know all weather and climate say it’s going to get worse
CTV’s Joe Perkins reports.

In late August we watched Isaac. a man that will get you get ready get washed away here as a travel parts of the Gulf Coast CA, weeks later attention shifted north to Leslie pounding away on Atlantic Canada, now its sandy the latest blow in what has already been a damaging year across North America. temperatures reached 105 degrees in DC Saturday this summer it was sweltering conditions during a record breaking heat wave in the United States, many are still bouncing back from the droughts and now they’re sandy, the latest and costliest in a string of disasters that leads us to ask. can we link this to global warming.

Okay, here is the key you can never actually link, any storm to global warming but you can come close we can say that the ingredients that make this storm have certainly been cooked up by global warming. ingredients such as record-high ocean temperatures in sea levels.

Changes a climate scientist Andrew Weaver links to greenhouse gas emissions. It is an idea working its way into the classroom. “Question i’ve have climate change in global warming and its impact on extreme events such as this.” said David Atkinson’s (Geography Professor)

Professor Atkinson tells his class that it’s a tricky link to make for now is lecture sticks to the store to itself.

A storm that’s having an impact on people around the world including Victoria, externally by the tourist attraction to here! I literally the entire friends building this three-level building has been just gone off see can. actually see into people’s Patrick’s per capita reductions, have been phenomenal NBC if there is a solution? doctor weaver, believes it rests in the hands of government increase legislation aimed at aggressively protecting the atmosphere without it. he says the droughts, the flooding and of course the super storms will continue! all of these things that are
happening this year.

May seem like a big deal? but they were pale in comparison to the type of events that we are going to see as we move for the decades ahead because we are simply not taking this problem seriously. Joe Perkins CTV News